Physiotherapy is a profession concerned with human function and movement. Physiotherapists are highly skilled, fully qualified professionals who use a combination of assessment and treatment techniques to diagnose and treat problems that arise in the moving parts of the body, its skeletal structure and the soft tissues attached to and surrounding it. The techniques combine hands-on treatments with the use of exercise, and electrical and electronic equipment to reduce pain and to promote healing.

Physiotherapists complete degree courses in Physiotherapy and must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council to be able to practise Physiotherapy. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional and educational body for Chartered Physiotherapists; it supports its members in the provision of the highest standards of patient care.

That depends on each individual case. The overall policy operated by Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants ensures that each patient receives the best and most appropriate treatment – or a referral back to their GP or a Consultant if necessary. As a guide, the average number of treatments per case is five, however fewer or more treatments may be necessary for your particular condition.

Most private medical insurance schemes cover claims for physiotherapy treatment – but it is important to check in each case before commencement of treatment as conditions and limits vary. Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants is recognised by major insurance companies such as Bupa and AXA PPP and we are able to provide direct settlement with many insurance and medical-legal firms; our Reception Team will be able to advise you on this.

Patients can be referred to us by a GP, Consultant or you may refer yourself. Contact will be made with your doctor as necessary and a letter sent once treatment is finished.

Yes. We have individual treatment rooms to ensure privacy and confidentiality. All our rooms are well-equipped, well-maintained and comfortable.

Treatment may include:

  • Manipulation (a high-speed, small thrust movement applied to joints, mainly used in the treatment of spinal pain), mobilisation (a manual treatment applied to joints and the soft tissues to improve range of movement) and soft tissue massage, ultrasound, electro-magnetic energy, interferential therapy, shockwave therapy and acupuncture for pain relief and stimulation of healing

The Physiotherapy team may also recommend additional services such as:

  • Gym Rehab
  • Remedial Massage
  • Hydrotherapy

We want our Patients to be as comfortable as possible when receiving Physiotherapy treatment at Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants, therefore we are very happy for you to choose when, where and by whom you are treated, according to your own preferences.

Patient feedback is invaluable in ensuring the quality of the service we offer. We will send you a feedback questionnaire by email within a month of your first appointment. Alternatively you can also contact the Practice Manager directly with any feedback, your views are always of interest to us:

Some Patients may experience pain during their assessment; the Physiotherapist will be careful to minimise any such pain whilst they obtain a diagnosis of the problem. In addition to this, some techniques need to ‘nudge into pain’ and you may have some after treatment soreness. Be assured that all of the Physiotherapists will be careful to ensure minimal discomfort in achieving longer term benefits and will seek your feedback on any pain you are experiencing.

If your general level of pain is high on arrival at the clinic, contact can be made with your Doctor to seek advice on a suitable prescription.