An innovative non-surgical and drug-free treatment for knee pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The AposHealth® treatment was developed by orthopaedic doctors and is based around a unique individually-adjusted device that is worn on the foot for around an hour a day whilst going about normal daily activities. This makes the AposHealth® treatment programme an effective and highly convenient option.

The AposHealth® treatment programme brings your body into optimal alignment, thus reducing the pressure and strain on painful areas in the joint. As you walk, it stimulates and retrains your muscles, ultimately re-educating your body to adopt a corrected and less painful walking style, even when you are not wearing the device.



Who is suitable for treatment?

Patients with:
Knee Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis

Chronic Knee Pain

Torn Meniscus

Knee Ligament Damage

Hypermobility Disorders

Patello-femoral Pain (anterior knee pain)

AposHealth® Treatment Process:

Initial Assessment: During the initial assessment your AposHealth® Certified Physiotherapist will conduct an in-depth clinical evaluation of your condition and assess your suitability for the treatment.

Treatment: The AposHealth® Certified Physiotherapist will develop a personalised treatment programme based on your specific clinical needs.

Treatment: AposHealth® is a dynamic treatment, regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure optimal success throughout your care

Be Yourself: With every step you take, the device aims to relieve the stress on your painful joints.

The initial Apos plan (£1750) covers you for:

· a pair of calibrated boots

· digitised gait assessment

· 3 follow ups over 12 months

· all replacement parts

· the clinician’s time

· 2 year warranty of the boots