Eat well,
live well


We are delighted to announce that Susannah Alexander will be seeing clients at our practice on Mondays. Susannah is a graduate Nutritional Therapist and Hypnotherapist who is passionate about empowering people to eat well and feel better.

Susannah is one of the 40 people in Britain who have been taught by Britain’s best therapist, Marisa Peer.Susannah is the ONLY person to hold both a First Class Honours Degreee in Nutritional Therapy and be a Marisa Peer hypnotherapist. There is nobody with both of these qualifications anywhere else in the world.

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

An in depth assessment of your health goals, current diet and nutritional needs with personalised recommendations tailored to your needs.

NutritionaL MOT

A one stop shop for busy people who want to check that their diet is healthy. Submit your 3 day food diary and receive a computerised dietary assessment, and recommendations to help you make improvements.

Tel: 07891 572487

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