Subacromial bursa

The subacromial bursa sits like a flattened balloon containing fluid under the hard cap of bone (the acromion) at the shoulder, where it acts to lubricate shoulder movement and to protect the tendons lying underneath in the ‘subacromial’ space. A tendon attaches a muscle to a bone and there are four main tendons that sit under the bursa and can be involved in so called ‘impingement syndrome’. Together they form the ‘rotator cuff’ and help to stabilise the head or ‘ball’ of the humerus (the upper arm bone) against the smaller ‘socket’ (glenoid fossa or cavity) on the shoulder blade (scapula).

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I visited Audra Rackauskaite at Atkins Practice in November 2015 after anterior cruciate ligament surgery in March 2015. I had tightness around the gastrocnemius and hamstring tendon heads which I damaged in injury. Audra was very good at relieving my tightness and pain through various techniques including STR. She aided my recovery from training by relieving tension in my quadriceps, calves and hamstrings.

Her attention to detail was great and she allowed me to increase my levels of rehabilitation all the way back to full training. She as helped me immensely on the road to recovery and competing at Rio 2016.

Thank you Audra.

JJ Jegede Great Britain International Long Jumper