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Diana Cooper-Receptionist

Diana CooperReceptionist

Diana  joined Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants as a part-time receptionist in August 2016. She enjoy working here with her fellow co-workers, as well as meeting new people who come in to be treated by our physios.

Whilst working here, Diana is currently studying History with the Open University which she thoroughly enjoys.

Diana hopes that one day she will get the chance to visit Greenland to see the northern lights, as she is sure the view would be spectacular.

Carol Darvell-Practice Manager

Carol DarvellPractice Manager

Carol joined the practice in September 2008 having had previous experience of managing a sports and orthopaedic medicine practice in the city. Since joining the practice Carol has learned a range of new skills and thrown herself into just about anything that comes with managing the business. She really enjoys the variety her role gives and says working with the physios and the rest of the team is a real pleasure.

In her spare time Carol loves travelling and in particular anywhere with animals. In recent years she has been to Borneo, Costa Rica, South Africa, Vietnam, India, Peru (loved the alpacas), Alaska where a highlight was dog-sledding on a glacier, and in 2016 year went on a 12 day safari in Tanzania. Her most unusual animal encounter to date has to be riding on an ostrich, and the most scary was being attacked by a large group of macaques in India! Next stop – China to meet the pandas!

Sue Morton-Receptionist

Sue MortonReceptionist

Sue worked for Elaine Atkins for nearly 25 years. She joined two months after the practice opened so feels very much part of it. She lives just a five minute walk from the practice and has three grown up children and two granddaughters. She has been very happy working for Elaine and has met some lovely people and made so many lovely friends. She is now happily continuing with Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants.

Sue is not a very daring person but she did fly in an eight-seater plane over the top of the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela, in a very hairy, bumpy ride. She landed on a plateau in the Andes in a South American Indian village and then trekked up the falls as far as she could go to a massive bowl with the falls surrounding her.

Claire Field-Receptionist

Claire FieldReceptionist

Claire joined Elaine Atkins in May 2009 taking a very different career path after being in the retail industry for 20 years! She very much enjoys working at such a well renowned physiotherapy practice and, although a ‘newcomer’, she felt very much at home immediately. She also enjoys working with all her colleagues and meeting lots of different people on a daily basis.

Claire has a son and a daughter and has been married for 33 years. Her husband still takes delight in telling the story of when they were on honeymoon in Miami and she tipped the hotel porter $100 instead of $10! That was one very happy porter, but one very unhappy husband!!

Hannah Cushion-Receptionist

Hannah CushionReceptionist

Hannah joined Atkins in March 2015 as a part time receptionist where she enjoys meeting new people and working with her colleagues at the practice. She is currently at sixth form studying Business, English and Photography A levels at Trinity High School in Woodford. She wants to finish school next year and hopefully get an office job working in the city where she can go shopping on her lunch breaks!

Hannah has always enjoyed horse riding and loves animals; she hopes to one day go on a horse riding holiday, and also travel the world including Thailand to see the baby elephants which is a dream of hers.

Linda Cooper-Receptionist

Linda CooperReceptionist

I joined Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants in September 2015 and everyone was so supportive that I immediately felt like one of the team and getting to know the patients is a real pleasure.

I initially studied at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design, but since moving to London 35 years ago, have taken a variety of jobs that fit in around my family. My family and I have been regular visitors to France, but memorable trips for me include, visiting Moscow and travelling overnight on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Leningrad, flying at Supersonic speed on Concorde, and flying to New York to hitch-hike across America for a month.

I like to work out in the gym, play Tennis and go for walks and once completed a 25 mile night walk to raise money for the housing charity ‘Shelter’. I have been an Adult Tap dancer for many years and recently joined a Zumba class. Creatively, I enjoy baking and was once commissioned to hand-stitch a ‘Cathedral Windows’ quilt.

Suzanne Beckett-Receptionist

Suzanne BeckettReceptionist

My name is Suzanne Beckett and I work part-time for Atkins Physiotherapy as a receptionist. I originally joined the practice 17 years ago shortly after having my first child. I then took a short break when I had my 3rd child and I was delighted when I re-joined in August 2011. I enjoy the duties that I do and meeting people of all ages on a day to day basis, as well as feeling part of the team.

Having three children and a part time job means that I don’t have a great deal of spare time on my hands but when I do, I enjoy long walks, cycling, cooking, holidaying, reading and socialising with my close friends.

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Jo Thomson has been both professional and personally sympathetic in her dealings with me. Has been very patient and I feel she has set out a good treatment programme specific to me and my needs.

Mrs O G, Loughton