Disc Clinic
As a long established practice, we see a lot of patients with disc problems. Whilst most disc problems can be resolved with hands on physiotherapy, for some conditions we use IDD Therapy Disc Treatment.

IDD Therapy was developed to address the failings of traditional traction by providing a targeted treatment to decompress specific spinal segments. You might have a “slipped disc” or what we refer to as a herniated, prolapsed or bulging discs and IDD Therapy provides a safe, targeted treatment as part of a programme of care to get you back on your feet again.

If you are suffering with a disc problem or related condition like nerve pain (sciatica) which isn’t responding to hands on treatments, then in all likelihood we would assess your suitability for IDD Therapy.

At an initial assessment we will review your condition and treatments and explain to you which of our treatments would be most appropriate. If your condition was such that you needed a referral, then as a well established clinic we are ideally placed to advise you on appropriate consultants.

If you would like to make an appointment, call 020 8504 0478

What is IDD Therapy?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is the fastest growing non-invasive back pain treatment which treats targeted spinal segments.

IDD Therapy allows us to decompress the injured intervertebral disc, improve mobility and relieve pain.

Many back pain conditions are located at a particular level in the spine. With IDD Therapy we use computer-controlled pulling forces delivered by the Accu SPINA machine to gently distract (draw apart) targeted segments of the spine in order to take pressure off specific discs and nerves.

In addition, the treatment gently stretches tight muscles and stiff ligaments to help improve mobility and relieve muscle spasm.

By decompressing (taking pressure off) an injured or bulging disc and stretching the soft tissues, this allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently.

In so doing we aim to relieve pain caused by muscle spasm and alleviate nerve compression and irritation caused by bulging, herniated or, as they are commonly called, ‘slipped’ discs.

Why choose IDD Therapy?

* Current treatment is not working

* Want to stop taking painkillers

* Seeking long-term pain relief

* Want to return to normal daily activities 

Typical candidates for IDD Therapy are people who have back or neck pain and may have tried various other treatments without success. They may be taking pain medication and may be considering invasive treatments such as injections or in extreme cases, surgery.

Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants is part of a UK and international network of IDD Therapy Disc Clinics who are passionate to do everything they possibly can to get patients out of pain and enjoying life to the full. For more details visit www.iddtherapy.co.uk

What Next

If you are suffering with pain and think you have run out of options, call us and we will be happy to guide you on what might be best for you. Tel: 020 8504 0478

We look forward to seeing you.

Note: As with all treatments results vary depending on the nature of your condition and IDD Therapy treatment is one treatment tool we use. As part of your assessment we will advise you on the most applicable treatment for your individual needs and as appropriate we do occasionally refer patients to local consultants.